Premier League Asian Trophy kicked off in July in Nanjing and Shanghai

The Premier League Asian Trophy official announced that this summer the Premier League Asian Trophy will be held in mainland China with Manchester City, Newcastle, West Ham United and Wolves.


As a biennial tournament, the Premier League Asian Trophy has a long history. It has entered its ninth session since 2003, when it started in Kuala Lumpur. The Premier League has always led the trend of commercial development, so it is also a first step in the Asian market. Since West Brom first visited China in the late 1980s, the development of the Premier League market in China has become more mature. From the early solo fight to today’s companion, this is also one of the most important reasons for Chinese Premier League fans.

The Premier League Asian Trophy will be held in Nanjing and Shanghai. The exclusive broadcaster of the event is Suning’s PP Sports. The Premier League Asian Trophy is usually held by the official referee of the Premier League. The competition standard will be organized according to the rules of the Premier League.

Although European powers have come to China for gold in recent years, the enthusiasm of European powers seems to have cooled in recent years. This is the second time that the Premier League Asian Trophy has been held in China since 2009, and last year’s Champions League did not choose to land in China. The reason is that although the Chinese pan-fans group is huge, the number of loyal fans who follow only one club is not as large as expected. Compared with developed countries, the consumption level of Chinese fans is limited. A ticket of more than 300 yuan in the International Champions Trophy is undoubtedly an expenditure that needs to be weighed for fans. Dao, 10 yuan per ticket is very common for ordinary events in China and the Super League. Even so, the stadium is basically less than half seated.

Unlike the high-end route of the International Champions Cup, the price of the very pragmatic Premier League Asian Trophy is relatively close to the people. However, compared with the Champions League’s European giants, the Premier League Asian Trophy teams will only invite one of the top six teams every year, so their influence will be relatively discounted.

In previous years, the Asian Trophy of the Premier League tried the 3+1 model, inviting host countries to form a team to compete with three Premier League teams for the championship. However, in view of the uneven football foundation of Asian countries and the fact that Asian players are not skillful and easy to hurt, this idea was gradually abandoned.

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