Who has the chance to break Big6’s monopoly in the new season?

Over the past three seasons, Manchester City, Manchester United, Liverpool, Arsenal, Chelsea and Tottenham have dominated the top six places in the Premier League. Fans have dubbed them Big6, and many teams want to break the rules they create.

After a summer of adjustment and lineup reinforcement, many teams are ready to start. So, when the new season of the Premier League is about to begin, which teams are likely to step into the top six? We have also selected several ambitious and powerful candidates.


In their first season back in the Premier League, Wolves finished seventh, the highest-ranking promotion in nearly 18 years. They were only nine points behind Manchester United and also won the Europa League qualification. However, playing in Europe may be a double-edged sword for Wolves.

If Wolves eventually qualify for the Europa League, the new season will see Europe in midweek, and there will be leagues on Sunday. Such a tough schedule will put the players to the test, which may be an interesting adventure for fans, but playing in Europe will also have an impact on League results.

However, this summer the Wolves have begun to prepare, they bought last season’s top scorer Simmons (13 League goals) and Belgian international Denton Kerr, after renting Balleho from Real Madrid, Wolves also signed Kuterone from AC Milan, the new season Wolves team is worth looking forward to.


Everton’s final ranking in the past five seasons has been outside the top six. Can they return to that ranking in the new season? This should be the goal of Marco Silva in his second season in charge of the team. Now, the Portuguese youngster has gradually built up the team he wants, and he will be confident about the new season.

Last season, Marco Silva’s team was unstable in the league. Everton played less than expected from the beginning of December to the end of February, falling into the second half of the table with seven games remaining. Nevertheless, Everton beat Chelsea, Arsenal and Manchester United in succession and won the eighth place with strong performances, allowing fans to see the potential of the team.

Although key players like Geyer and Zuma have left the team, Everton has also strengthened, bringing in Delf from Manchester City after the purchase of Andre Gomez and announcing the signing of defensive midfielder Gebaming from Ivory Coast in the early morning of Beijing time, Everton has proven their decision with action. Heart.

Leicester City

Rogers has said that one of the challenges he faces is to bring Leicester City into the top six of the league. However, in terms of Rogers’coaching ability and Leicester City’s lineup, they may be able to achieve this ambition in the new season.

Although Leicester City won only three of the 13 league matches since December 5, and Pierre was dismayed, they defeated Chelsea, Manchester City and Everton, suggesting that the team itself has great strength.

Rogers started to make his mark when he took over Leicester City midway last season. New summer signing Perez and the official signing of Tillermans are also in line with the coach’s game style. With talented young players on the team, Rogers will hope to do better in his first full season in Leicester City. The ranking.

West Ham United

In order to replace the top striker Anatovic who left the team, West Ham United signed Alley in the way of the record quoted by the Creative Club. The French centre-forward has the ability of speed, skill and heading. It can be said that he is very comprehensive and has a variety of scoring methods.

Can West Ham United break the monopoly of Big6 in the Premier League? This may be a slightly harsh requirement. Nevertheless, the Hammers have many talented midfielders and have introduced Spanish midfielder Farners this summer. They will certainly hope that Alley can seize the chance he created.

Meanwhile, the recovered Wilshere and Almolenko are like new arrivals for West Ham United. After the run-in period of the first season, Pellegrini, who has rich coaching experience, will put forward higher requirements for the team, and they will also become a force that can not be ignored.

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